2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.

LI Yan

With a certificate of MBA at CEIBS and title of senior engineer, Ms. Yan Li currently serves as the President and CEO of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, Co., Ltd. Ms. Li also serves as deputy of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, chairman of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association, rotating chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association, vice chairman of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. Honors awarded to Ms. Li include but not limited to National Model Worker, National March 8th Red Banner Pace-setter, National Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Person of the Year for the Chinese Pharmaceutical Economy.

By dedicating her service to the motherland and laying the cornerstone to success of the enterprise through industrial development, Ms. Li concentrates her attention to focus on development of the pharmaceutical industry, and leads the Group as one of the top 10 enterprises among the Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry for multiple consecutive years. Ms. Li managed to implement the innovation-driven strategy and lead to build and improve 5 major R&D centers connecting China and the US, with several innovative drugs to be developed and launched to the Chines market within the 14th Five-Year Plan. Ms. Li is also a practitioner of the strategy of product excellence and internationalization, Qilu is the only pharmaceutical enterprise in China that exports to the regulatory markets of Europe, the United States, Britain, Japan and Australia at the same time, with 18 products ranking first in the local market share. As a deputy of the National People’s Congress, Ms. Li has filed over 40 suggestions covering people’s livelihood and high quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, pushing the regulation and policy improvement in such fields.