2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.


Fei Chen, Ph.D., is a Managing Partner with Lilly Asia Ventures (LAV) and responsible for LAV’s investment decision and fund management.  Since 2009 Dr. Chen’s investments list includes leading Chinese biotech companies such as Betta Pharma (300558.SZSE), Chipscreen Bio (688321.SHSE), RemeGen (09995.HKSE), Impact Therapeutics, Kechow Pharma, Inventis Bio, Edigene, Gracell Bio (GRCL.US), Allist (688578.SHSE), Dizal, ImmuneOnco, Connect (CNTB.US), CARsgen,  NovoCodex, and Profound etc., leading Chinese specialty pharms such as BrightGene (688166.SHSE), Sinqi Eye (300573.SZSE), Omni, Huawei, Ausun Pharma (603229.SHSE) etc., and leading medtech/IVD/CRO companies such as Pins, Microtech, Singlera Genomics, Purcutek, Peijia (09996.HKSE), YHLo Bio, Xihua Scientific, Geneseeq, Forqaly, LavaMed, BGImNGS, Virtue Dx, TargetingOne, and Scivita etc.

Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Fudan University, he is a member with BayHelix Group.