2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.

CHEN Dongsheng

CHEN Dongsheng, founder of China Guardian Auctions and Taikang Life Insurance, currently serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Taikang Insurance Group.

Mr. Chen is also President of China Association of Actuaries, President of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, President of Global Chushang Association, and Founding President of Wuhan University Alumni Entrepreneurs Association. He is a leading figure of "Class of ’92" (Business elites who left the government or official research institutes in 1992 to start their own business). He received his PhD in Economics from Wuhan University and is recognized as an Outstanding Alumnus by his alma mater and also serves as a doctoral supervisor.

In 1993, he founded China Guardian Auctions, China’s first international auction house, where he was Chairman of the Board and General Manager. In 1996, he founded Taikang Life Insurance (currently known as Taikang Insurance Group), where he has been Chairman and CEO to this day. Taikang Insurance Group made Fortune's 2018 GLOBAL 500 Annual Ranking of the Largest Companies in the World.