2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.


SHAO Rong, Professor, Vice Executive Director of the Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem and Executive Director of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science of China Pharmaceutical University(CPU), Director of the Regulatory Science Research Base of National Medical Products Administration(NMPA), Director of NMPA Key Laboratory for Drug Regulatory Innovation and Evaluation.

She also Serves as Director of China Pharmaceutical Association, Vice Chairman of the Second Pharmaceutical Administration Committee; Executive Director of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association, Chairman of the Second Pharmaceutical Management Committee; Director of China Pharmaceutical Regulatory Research Association, Chairman of the Special Committee on Drug Regulatory Laws and Policies, and Vice Chairman of the Special Committee on Drug Regulatory Talent Training, Supervisor and Chairman of the Corporate Compliance Committee for China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association, Vice Chairman of the Regulations and Policies Committee, etc.

SHAO has Taken Charge of and Completed Major and General Projects from the National Social Science Fund of China; Many Projects from NMPA, National Healthcare Security Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; and More Than 100 Projects from Pharmaceutical Industry.SHAO is A Law Revision Expert of NMPA, an Expert of The National Committee on The Assessment of The Projected Traditional Chinese Medicine Products, etc. She also Serves as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Chinese Medical Encyclopedia Compilation Committee, The Editor of Dozens of Journals, Including China Pharmacy, Chinese Journal of New Drugs and Chinese Journal of Health Policy and so on.