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Liu Pei, Director-General of Department of Policies and Regulations at National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). Ms. Liu graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor of Law in August 1985. She obtained EMBA. Ms. Liu has successively served in Administrative Office of Legislative Affairs Commission of National People’s Congress (NPC) and China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), and served as the Director-General of Department of Policies and Regulations of NMPA, Party Secretary and Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, Director-General of Center for Document Acceptance and Complaints of CFDA and Director-General of the Department of Medical Device Regulation of CFDA.

Ms. Liu also serves as the Researcher of the Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem of China Pharmaceutical University. Ms. Liu participated in drafting and revising over thirty laws and regulations, including Legislation Law, Administrative Penalty Law,Administrative License Law, Administrative Reconsideration Law, Practicing Doctors Law, Food Safety Law, Drug Administration Law, Vaccine Administration Law, Regulations for the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices, and over ten Chinese provisions including Provisions for Drug Registration, Provisions for Supervision of Drug Distribution, Provisions for Medical Devices Registration,Provisions for Medical Device Standards Administration, etc.