2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.

GUO Xiaoning

Vice President, Head of R&D and CMO of SciClone Pharmaceuticals (Holdings) Limited

Dr. Xiaoning Guo is currently the vice President, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer of SciClone Pharmaceuticals (Holdings) Limited. He is fully responsible for R&D of pipeline drug candidates and life cycle management of post-market products. Dr. Guo graduated from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a PhD in pharmacology. Later, he went to the United States and worked as a research affiliate at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, a National Comprehensive Tumor Hospital and Cancer Center. In 2007, Dr. Guo came back to China and joined MNCs including Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson to in charge of translational medicine project, clinical Phase I to III project development and portfolio management. After a couple of years, Dr. Guo joined Covance as a senior Director, Clinical Drug Development Leader in Asia Pacific region, responsible for the development and implement of the global development strategy of the project. Dr. Guo has accumulated extensive experience in different stages of drug development from preclinical including biomarker research to translational medicine to clinical development. Before joining SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Guo served as deputy General Manager and Chief Medical Officer of General Regeneratives, co., Ltd., responsible for clinical development and regulatory affairs department.