2023 CBIIC in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 25-27, 2023.

JI Xuwo

Founder & CEO of Precision Scientific

Dr. Ji Xuwo, founder & CEO of Precision Scientific. Precision Scientific is an innovative translational medicine company, using multi-omics & clinical data mining application to support pharmaceutical companies innovation pipelines building. The company has developed AIBERT, an cuttingedge AI technology , which integrates multi-omics, bioinformatics, and AI algorithms to gain an in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanisms of caner, thereby supporting decision-making for new drugs R&D (target evaluation, indication selection, biomarker discovery, research on drug resistance mechanism, and rational design of drug combination, etc.), and provide integrated services such as central laboratory testing and companion diagnostic development. It has established numerous collaborations with top global pharma and biotech companies. Dr. Ji obtained his Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics from Peking University in 2007. His research achievements were published in high impact journals such as Nucleic Acids Research and Nature Communications.