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Chairman & CEO of Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Hao Hong,Ph.D

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Asymchem Labs.

Dr. Hao Hong, Founder, Chairman& CEO of Asymchem Group, established Asymchem in RTP, North Carolina in 1995 which has been developed into one of the top internationalized CDMOs with 13 subsidiaries and over 2,700 staffs around the world. Asymchem’s rapid early success inspired Dr. Hong to return to China in 1998 to invest, resulting in the creation of Asymchem Group. Asymchem, a listed company under the symbol “002821” in China.

Dr. Hong finished his post-doctorate training at the department of Pharmaceutical and Chemistry at the University of Georgia in 1989. With 79 patents and 18 publications of high impact factors, he was chosen as one of the first batch of the Thousand Talents Plan in China at May 2009, and serves as one of the distinguished experts on the Recruitment Program of Global Experts. In January 2018, Dr. Hong was elected to be the Vice President of China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA).