Countdown to 2021 CBIIC:

Christopher Gallen

CEO of WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Gallen received training in Philosophy (Florida), Medical Science (MD, Emory University), Psychiatry (Stanford University) and Neurology (University of California). He and his collaborators pioneered the use of Magnetic Source Imaging, developed its first clinical indications, made important scientific discoveries. He has served as president or chief executive of medical / clinical research operations at major biopharmaceutical companies such as Premier Research, Pharmacia, Wyeth and Neuromed. He has led the development and critical clinical trials of several therapeutic and CNS drugs, and has successfully registered multiple therapeutic drugs. He developed the global medical data management outsourcing function service model, has become the world's main industry model. He helped several pharmaceutical companies sign cooperation agreements to complete the merger and initial public offering. After becoming the first Western CEO of a South Korean pharmaceutical company, he recently joined WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc. to lead development and eventual registration and commercialization efforts for HalneuronTM, a revolutionary pain medication.