Instruction for the 2021 CBIIC Roadshow Application

2021-06-02 10:50

I. Must-know info about 2021 CBIIC Roadshow Application:

1.        Any roadshow project shall comply with the relevant national laws, regulations and policies without violating the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others. The applicant, organization and company shall be responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of application information.

2.        For foreign roadshow projects, online roadshow is acceptable if the on-site presentation is not applicable.

3.        Roadshow application will be reviewed by the Expert Committee. Review result and payment approach (if approved) will be sent via email by the Organizing Committee. Roadshow Fees: RMB 5,000.

4.        Speaker of approved roadshow project will be eligible to free access to the conference and One-on-One Partnering System for business development.

5.        Deadline for Roadshow Application: 00:00, July 20, 2021 (Beijing Time)

Project Requirement:

1.        Innovative Drugs (Orphan Drugs included): New molecular entity; new structure, target; new therapies in accordance with drug administration; modified new drugs with clinical value (prodrugs, drugs with new component, dosage forms, new indication or routes of administration);

2.        Class II or Class III Medical Devices and Diagnostic Regent with obvious product superiority and authorized approval for clinical trial;

3.        Artificial Intelligence (AI), Innovation R&D Services, WIT-MED + Big Data.

4.        Important: For clinical data release, only Type I application will be accepted.


Application Materials:

1.        Project Title (Chinese & English)

2.        Brief introduction (Requirement: 200-300 Chinese characters and 800-1200 English words) will be included in 2021 CBIIC Conference Handbook, please submit after careful review.

3.        Roadshow project information is required and upload in Word document. It will be kept confidential and only for experts review.

4.        Please upload your roadshow slides (Aspect Ratio 4:3) before 00:00 on September 15 (Beijing Time), otherwise the system will be closed. Failing to upload slides will be considered as giving up the roadshow in 2021 CBIIC.

Tips for Roadshow Application:

1.        Please do provide email address of the roadshow speaker, for further contact and E-ticket.

2.        Please leave your information as contact person if you are not the roadshow speaker.

3.        The application information will be temporarily saved and could be edited anytime after logging in with your email address.


II.  Procedures for Roadshow Application

1.        The website of 2021 CBIIC: Please click “Roadshow Application” on PC.


2.        Please provide your e-mail address and set password, then click “Register” to log in.


3.        Please choose “Roadshow Application” and click “Next”. 


4.         Please complete relative information in all * items


5.        Please read the “Guidance for Roadshow Application” carefully. Tick the box and click “Next” to continue.


6.        Click “Next” after completing relative information.


7.         Click “Next” after finishing all project information.


8.         Click “Submit” after confirming that all information is correct.


By this step have you finished all procedures of roadshow application, please wait for the review result. You will be informed of review results via email registered, and status will be updated in the Personal Information.

III. Roadshow Application Result

It is available to check review status in “My order” in “Personal Information” after submitting the roadshow application.